Test Kitchen is a winner of the inaugural SA Health (Office for the Ageing) Innovation in Ageing Challenge.

In 2014, Matt and Julie-Ann submitted a proposal in a competitive process to offer social solutions for Older people living alone.

A Grant of $40,000 was awarded for a pilot program in Port Augusta, South Australia, for the 2015 calendar year.


Research evidence suggests that social interactions during mealtimes drive food intake, and this is critical for avoiding under-nutrition. However current service delivery models for social meals are largely institutionalised within the aged-care service system.


With the enormous demographic shift upon us where over 70's will soon become the largest population segment, there is a great need for business model innovation to feed our older generations in ways that build community and social connectedness and promote the life-giving value of social mealtimes full of sensory experience.


Our strategy is to work directly with our customers to co-design our products, business systems, and processes with which they interact.

We seek to gain direct entry to key market segments through partnership and collaborative channels, as we have done with SA Health, Meals on Wheels, tertiary institutions and private enterprise.


Given the social mission of our business, we seek to engage with potential partners in a co-operative, community-focused, network-style approach, where services are customer centric.


Each of our Events continues to be conducted with a co-design approach: we are learning how to better assist our customers through lines of inquiry, testing and reviewing, and thoughtful implementation. 

The Project

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